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Pay Per Click Advertising Tips For Wholesale And Closeout Products

You can use pay per click search engines to advertise your wholesale and closeout products. Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft all have programs where you can place ads on their web sites, and pay only when a potential customer clicks on your ads.

Rule #1

Because you will be paying every time a visitor clicks on your ads, you want to make sure that only actual potential customers that are resellers see your ads. While you cannot guarantee this, one method for achieving this result is by advertising for key words that are tightly related to your products. For example, if you wholesale women's Coach handbags, you should bid on the keyword phrase "wholesale women's Coach handbags." Your keyword list should cover all your wholesale closeout products. You can also advertise specifically to clothing shops, dress boutiques, flea market vendors, dollar stores, and eBay sellers, by using the previously mentioned words in your pay per click ads.

Rule #2

Not every retailer and flea market vendor has a mastery of spelling. You would want to advertise for common misspellings, slang usage, and word abbreviations. Also, if you are selling to buyers in Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean, remember than even though they might speak English, they will use different words when searching for a product. For instance, while retailers in Africa search for "wholesale career suits," Caribbean retailers will search for "wholesale Church suits."

Rule #3

Although you want as much traffic as possible, you also want to make sure that your profit is large enough to pay for the advertising. Monitor your cost per click, on how many visitors you need to make a sale. If your profit on a wholesale lot of handbags is $100, and it takes you 100 visitors to make a sale, then you need to spend less than a $1 a click to be profitable. Since you want your profit to be as high as possible, start with the minimum required bid, and increase it as your sales momentum builds.

Rule #4

Write strong ads that leave no doubt as to what your wholesale products are. You should include the prices of your merchandise, for example, "Wholesale Polo Ralph Lauren Shirts $19.99 Each," this way you will only receive traffic from buyers that are willing to spend that amount on your shirts.

Rule #5

Make sure that your ads say wholesale only, this way you will eliminate traffic from retail buyers. If your warehouse is open to the public, then you can ignore this rule.

Rule #6

Direct the visitor to a specific product page where the product is for sale. This will encourage the visitor to stay on your closeout web site since he will have found what it is that he is looking

Donny Lowy owns a wholesale export company that specializes in brand name designer clothing, handbags, and shoes for the United States, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America, the Caribbean, and Europe. His warehouse is located in Brooklyn, NY. Donny can be reached directly at 718-389-5502

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