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How Your Wholesale Business Can Benefit From An Answering Service

A wholesale business can benefit greatly from an answering service. While answering services are traditionally used by doctors offices and law firms, they can also accelerate the success of your product distribution business. A live operator can help you save time, screen callers, provide basic product information, and even make sales. You can use a domestic service, or you can save money by using an offshore company. If you opt for an offshore service, make sure that they use native sounding English speakers.

Benefit #1

Instead of having to answer every call and take a message yourself, why not have an operator take it for you? You might feel inclined to simply use voice mail to record messages, but many callers do not leave messages, and will simply call the next wholesaler on their list. Because the call is answered in your company's name, the store owner will be happy to leave a message or request additional information.
If you cannot afford a live service, then at least leave basic information on your outgoing voice mail message.

Benefit #2

The service can screen callers, and determine who is a serious wholesale buyer, and who is simply looking to buy retail. You can then focus your energy and time in calling back customers who are actually interested in purchasing your closeouts.

Benefit #3

The operator can share information on your wholesale offerings to callers, and actually process orders. For example, let's say you have a closeout web site that offers social dresses. When a potential customer calls the operator he can be told more detailed information about the dresses, from a script which you will provide. If he decides to buy them, the operator can either take his credit card over the phone, or send him a pro forma invoice. Instead of having to personally make sales, you can spend time scouring the market for more wholesale deals to supply to your customers.

Donny Lowy owns a wholesale export company that specializes in brand name designer clothing, handbags, and shoes for the United States, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America, the Caribbean, and Europe. His warehouse is located in Brooklyn, NY.

Donny can be reached directly at 718-389-5502

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