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How To Market Your Business With T-Shirts

T-shirt marketing can be used for both wholesale and retail businesses. By printing and distributing T-shirts a business owner can take advantage of a low cost advertising mechanism which can deliver plenty of ongoing publicity. The logo and an appropriate image of the wholesaler or retailer can be placed both on the back and on the front of the T-shirt for maximum effectiveness.

Tip #1

Offer T-shirts to your customers. They will appreciate the friendly gesture and will have a constant reminder of your business when they look into their closets. In addition, if they socialize with other businesses in your industry while wearing your promotional shirt, they will end up advertising your business to your market. Although it's more expensive to use a Fruit Of The Loom T-shirt as compared to a generic blank shirt, the quality and appearance of the branded shirt will make it more attractive and comfortable, therefore encouraging the receiver to wear the shirt throughout the course of the year.

Tip #2

Distribute the shirts in areas and events where potential customers congregate. People loving picking up free merchandise, and if your shirt looks nice and is made of high quality materials, they will end up wearing it and help you promote your company.

Tip #3

Have the employees of your business wear your T-shirts. Not only will they look more professional, but they will also promote your products and services.

Tip #4

Print T-shirts that highlight special product sales, such as a below wholesale closeout or a liquidation sale. This way potential customers will instantly be aware of your special sale when they see your employees.

Tip #5

Sponsor a school, sport's team, conference, religious gathering, or entertainment event. Have all employees and volunteers wear your company's shirts so that attendees can learn more about your products and services.

Donny Lowy owns a wholesale export company that specializes in brand name designer clothing, handbags, and shoes for the United States, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America, the Caribbean, and Europe.

His warehouse is located in Brooklyn, NY.
Donny can be reached directly at 718-389-5502

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